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The Perfect Match
  • The Perfect Match

    The First Tennis Bracelet designed to match your Watch.

    - Crafted in Platinum 950 and embedded with natural gemstones, such as Rubies, Sapphires, Diamonds and Emeralds it's the perfect match for your Luxury watch.

    - The Bezel Tennis Bracelet " The Perfect Match " It's completely hand assembled and finished in italy, the gemstones embedded are conflict free and ethically sourced.

    - Bezel Tennis Bracelet " The Perfect Match " is a limited edition limited production bracelet in order to mantain the highest standard of quality control and reduce the enviromental impact.


    N.B. The Pictures showed in the product pages are Rendering to showcase color combination availability. You can see the final Product in our Instagram Page @fredmillerstore

    or Facebook page Bezel Tennis Bracelet Or ask for pictures at

    • Technical Data

      The Bezel Tennis Bracelet width it's appoximately 2.7-2.8 mm in the gem section and  increasing to around 3.7 to 4 mm in the Clasp 

      For Different sizes from the one listed do not hesitate to contact us

    Gemstone Combination
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